Doggo & Pupper



Doggo & Pupper is a website application that helps user to find dog-friendly places along with the weather. The app was built with Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS; and incorporates Google Places API as well as OpenWeatherMap API.

I used Javascript and jQuery to simplify the development without sacrificing the quality of features and functionalities. jQuery library enables the app (with much less code) to do DOM/HTML/CSS manipulation as well as effects or animations integration on some elements.

For relevancy and brevity, I only retrieve some information from the APIs. For Google Places, the app pulls up the place’s name, address, rating and opening hours status (open / closed). As for the OpenWeatherMap, the app retrieves only the temperature in the searched city and the weather description (e.g. the sky is clear, of it there are few clouds or broken clouds, etc). For better and more attractive UX, each weather description will also have its animated visual representation.


Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Google Places API, OpenWeatherMap API

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