Errand Man



Errand Man is a marketplace where people can outsource tasks and offer their services.
The platform was built using AngularJS and Firebase for the backend. For the front end, I used Bootstrap framework for faster and easier development.

I began the development by creating the view to post an errand along with its title, description and how much money the poster is willing to spend. I used Firebase to store the database.

Authentication and user restriction were implemented; so that only signed in users can post, edit and delete their posts. Toaster notification was used to provide a well-designed easy-to-use notification feature.

On this Errand Man platform, users can post an errand, offer their quote to run the errand, write a comment on the posted errand to share their thoughts or questions. User can approve or assign the errand to another user as well as cancel or edit the errand if need be. Dashboard feature was also built to provide summary for what service the user has offered and what errand the user has posted for others.


AngularJS, Bootstrap

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